FramCraft modded

Welcome to a little town where everyone is known in the village. Thru team work, we build and expand our little town thru the ages. Maybe one day we'll colonize the moon...

Quick Stats
Status World Name World Start MC Version Seed
Online Eqeomar Feb. 4, 2021 1.12.2 None

Welcome to the Eqeomar dimmension!

A brand new world to explore, using Biomes O Plenty.

Using Biomes O Plenty, I've re-generated the world. With this latest update, a couple of mods were removed and you will need to download the latest mod pack version.

Download Latest Modpack


  1. Be respectful & no discrimination.
  2. Griefing (including the wilderness): NOT ALLOWED
  3. Builds must complement the local enviroment.
  4. Looting: NOT ALLOWED
  6. Promos/commercial content must be approved by frambinni.


Depending on the severity of the action, we may skip to a higher level.

  1. Written warning.
  2. Kicked from the server.
  3. Permanent ban.

Contact Staff

In Minecraft

  • Chat with frambinni or Green0live when they're online.
  • When frambinni or Green0live is offline: Use Discord

On Discord

Ping @FramCraft Staff in the FramCraft #chat channel. Please do not abuse this.